Unlike many pet sitting companies, Weekday Walkies doesn't have a long price list of "standard services" because everything we do is customized to your needs, and more importantly, the needs of your pets.
Our services start at $20/visit.

Just a few of the services we’ve been asked to provide:

  • Quick potty breaks for the pups during a long day at work

  • Long walks in the park

  • Give the pets lots of love and attention along with care and maintaining a comfortable routine while the rest of the family is on vacation

  • Administering daily medications – including injections and sub-q fluids

  • Post-surgical care

  • Make sure the litter box is clean and the dogs can’t get to it

  • Games of fetch and tug and helping to teach to bring toys back and let them go

  • Help crate train and housebreak the new puppy

  • Pick up special treats or foods or toys at the pet store

  • Feed the fish and snakes and bunnies and birds and lizards and tortoises and turtles and hamsters and guinea pigs and sugar gliders and pigs along with the dogs and cats

  • Keep cages and bowls clean

  • Brush coats and trim nails

  • Stop by and let the kids who forgot their key inside

  • Help decide which new pet to add to the family

  • Water the plants and protect them from freezing temperatures

  • Turn on the pool pump

  • Change the lights and blinds around to make the home look occupied

  • Bring in the mail

  • Sweep up the hair

  • Pick up the poop!

  • And pretty much whatever else you might need – because when we say CUSTOMIZED CONCIERGE STYLE CARE, we mean it!

No need to hurry home

Do you need to work late? You don't have to worry about rushing home to take your dog out to potty.

Friendship and Fun

This socialization provides mental stimulation which leads to a happier, healthier and better behaved dog.

No more messes

When your dog has to go – they have to go! They can't always wait for you to get home or for the rain to stop.

Dogs thrive on routines

A routine can help relieve any stress or anxiety your dog may feel when they are left at home alone.

Use up that extra energy

Allows your dog to burn off some of their excess energy, resulting in a more calm and well-behaved dog.

No missed feeding times

Feeding times are just as important as walk times when training a puppy or keeping a healthy balance.

No more guilt

Having a sitter means you no longer have to worry about your dog being alone inside all day long.

Keep them healthy

Being overweight is just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. Their daily exercise is as important.