What our veterinarian says...

“ When I recommend a caretaker for one of my patients I have to be sure that I am recommending someone whom I would trust with my own pets. This is who I recommend. Professional, caring, trustworthy, compassionate. You won't find a better service anywhere. ”
- Dr. Cindy Marcum (Sea Paws Veterinary Services)

What Weekday Walkies says...

“ There are countless options for pet care when you’re away from home. You can enlist the help of friends, family, or neighbors. You could leave your pets at some veterinarian’s offices or a boarding facility. There are even online “apps” that allow you to schedule a dog walker or pet sitter to come to your home much like you would call Uber for a ride to the airport. We would never presume to say that we’re the right choice for everyone. ”

What we can tell you is:

  • We make sure our daily clients get plenty of attention while you’re at work. Puppies will be housebroken more quickly and get to practice walking nicely on a leash. Young dogs get a chance to burn off destructive energy and older pups won’t have to wait all day for a potty break.

  • Pets thrive on routine. Weekday Walkies will completely customize a schedule with you so your pets can stay in the comfort and safety of their own home.

  • Customized in-home care ensures that your pets are not unnecessarily exposed to illnesses in a facility housing multiple animals. They are also not exposed to the trauma of being left in an unfamiliar place with smells and sounds than can sometimes be frightening.

  • We do not overbook our schedule. If you’re an active client and need our help, just call us and we’ll be there.

  • Weekday Walkies is owner operated. While we have contingency plans for emergencies, the person you meet is the ONLY person who will have access to your home and the responsibility for the care of your pets. We are insured and bonded for the protection of your pets and property.

  • We are certified in pet cpr and first aid and have the training and experience to recognize potential problems BEFORE they become emergencies. We also have the training to handle an emergency should one arise. Weekday Walkies specializes in the care of senior and special needs pets.

- Naomi Haskell (Owner/Operator of Weekday Walkies)

What our clients say...

“ Wow! Are you one of the Lucky families to have Weekday Walkies on your side? My four furbabies love Naomi. Naomi has been my right arm for over a year. She goes above and beyond normal pet sitters. Naomi takes time to know your pet and their needs. She asks lots of questions so your babies are lacking for nothing while you are away. She has helped me during emergencies and vacations. Naomi lives and breathes for your fur baby. I have two pups who need special food and meds. No worries though, Naomi has it covered. Naomi communicates with me several times a day and sends pictures of my tinies, as she calls them. She does their laundry and washes up after them. Naomi will do anything in her power to help you and your pet. I know that when I leave Naomi in charge my fur babies are very loved and well taken care of. ”
- Dwana VandeZande

“ Naomi took care of my three dogs for four days and three nights - in my home! Two of my dogs are hyper (boxer and catahoula) and crated. I have never had them boarded or "babysat" before. I was nervous for them! Naomi did a GREAT job with my dogs. She was at the house every morning around 6:30 and her last visit was around 10:30! Not only did she stop by, but she spent time with the dogs, played with them, sent me photos, taught them to sit, and just took great care of them altogether. I absolutely LOVE Weekday Walkies and will 100% use her again in the future. The peace of mind she gave my family and me was priceless. ”
– Jennifer Lopez-Fuller

“ I reached out to Naomi when I needed someone to consistently take my dog for a mid day walk while we are gone to work. He was not getting any exercise while we were gone and he was gaining weight. He's now getting weekday walks 3-4 times a week, and he so happy, healthy and energized! She is sooo much more than a dog walker. When he's not feeling well, she tells me and gives me suggestions. Each time I took him to the vet, she was spot on for what he needed. She truly cares and takes the upmost care of my fur baby. She's even trained him to heal on walks, at 6 years young. At Christmas she left a cute personalized ornament, printed pics and a thoughtful handwritten card. She sends cute pictures via text, responds ASAP and does a variety of other duties when needed. I highly recommend Naomi and Weekday Walkies! She's simply amazing and has made my dog's quality of life so much better! ”
– Rachael Garnett

“ Naomi!! I love you!! My Dogs love you!! I am so happy and relieved to know you are taking care of my fur babies when we go out of town. It made our trip much more relaxing knowing they were in your care!! ”
– Erin Harris

“ Naomi far exceeds anyone that we have ever used before to care for our dogs. She treats my two dogs as if they were her own. I am able to relax and enjoy vacations knowing that my pets are well cared for and happy!! ”
– Lori Tieken

“ Naomi is wonderful. Very professional. She is great with my dog. Have used her several times and never had any problems. ”
– Tim Grandolfo

“ Having a sitter you can trust is ESSENTIAL. I am so glad to have met Naomi. I know when I need her to take care of my babies, they're getting as much love as I would give them. I wouldn't ever consider anyone else. ”
- Angela Pinnell-Daniel

“ Naomi is the Best ! She just loves Barkley ! Barkley is so lucky to find his new Love ! Barkley is waiting for her at the front door Barkley can't wait to kiss her and love her up ! Naomi thank you for helping with Barkley and your little talks ! ”
- Dan Granader

“ I love Naomi with Weekday Walkies! More importantly, my dogs and cats love Naomi with Weekday Walkies! I just returned from vacation and while I was gone I had the full confidence everything and everyone was being well taken care of. I have a cat who has been sick for several months and Naomi was very attentive to her and kept me up to date on her daily condition. It was obvious to me and my babies, Naomi wasn't just a "pet sitter" while I was gone, she became their mommy while I was gone! You and your babies will love Weekday Walkies! ”
- Julie A. Hill

“ So glad to have Naomi in our lives now.! As a friend and as a caregiver to our three pups and kitties... so blessed to have someone responsible... we just adore you! ”
- Jamie Hart

“ Naomi came to check on my two cats while I was gone for a week! She sent me updates every day along with pictures of them enjoying being spoiled by her! I would highly recommend Weekday Walkies. I will definitely use her again! My cats loved her. ”
- Heathor Newman McDonald

“ Naomi takes awesome care of our 4 Boston Terriers!!! They love you so much!! We are so at peace now that we have you taking care of our babies. We are so blessed Jamie Hart referred you to us. You are more amazing than she even described. Thank you Auntie Naomi for loving us!! ”
- Holly Harris

“ Love Weekday Walkies! Naomi is the ultimate when it comes to being a dog lover. And, she is involved in local community programs! How awesome to be so amazing at what you do and to give back to the community. Thank you Naomi. ”
- Mel Kelly

“ My puppies love Naomi! She's always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the dogs and house are taken care of while I'm gone. When I'm out of town I know they are in great hands and it keeps me from having to worry. ”
- Dana Tegeler